University of notre dame dating scene

Unfortunately, there are no free lunches and frequently those involved pay either a physical or emotional cost; a cost that few are willing to discuss honestly.

There’s always been a lot of talk about the battle between the sexes at Notre Dame.

Despite the lack of openness and diversity, Notre Dame is fantastic and I do recommend.

Just be ready to adapt if you are not used to the midwest-style environment!

Compare this to the three years I lived in the dorm.On the down side, the majority of students at the university are very conservative and not particularly open-minded..Trump supporters not willing to hear out other peoples' sides! I am a Latina female and sometimes feel like I am being looked at differently by others, especially white males.The pro-life debate is a hot topic here, and is essentially expected of all of the traditional Catholics on campus.Below is a list of common misconceptions that I would like to clear up…While approximately 80% of the student body is Catholic, not everybody is. There are plenty of Notre Dame girls that would fit in perfectly at a state school sorority.I have friends who are Muslim, Jewish, Lutheran, and even atheist. Even though some of them certainly don't look like they just walked off a GQ photoshoot, Notre Dame is filled with a lot of great-looking guys. In all seriousness, Notre Dame is filled with the most humble and amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. It's no secret that South Bend is not exactly a thriving metropolis.

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